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This week we had the chance to speak with Tyler Kelly, CEO and Founder of

1. Company Description, tell us about, how did you come up with the concept? What has been your greatest accomplishment? What has been your greatest challenge? Lean-Electrical is an electrical manufacturing company. We leverage our years of field experience to create offsite electrical solutions for electrical contractors. Our number one product is our fully wired electrical panels, They come with breakers installed, homerun cables wired, labeled, spooled, and cut to length for easy field install. The concept of was born out of my personal passion for off site construction solutions. I have used prefabricated panels, pre-bent conduit, pre-wired devices to great success on the projects over the years. When I transitioned into the office I realized most electricians and contractors don’t use pre-fabrication, and don’t even know the benefits of pre-fabrication. I thought Lean-Electrical would be a good way for me to positively impact as many projects as possible. By impacting individual projects, Im also positively impacting the entire construction industry. The greatest and most satisfying accomplishment so far is the amount of time and money we can save contractors! On a midsize project we can literally remove over 2000 hrs of journeyman electrician time from the construction site. Depending on the region and hourly rate we can save anywhere from 15% to 30% on everyone of those man hours. The hardest part so far, has been educating contractors on what prefabrication and offsite electrical is. When I started, I over estimated the basic understanding contractors had pre-fabrication concept. Also many contractors don’t accurately track any part of their projects, from install rates to project man hours. So trying to quantify exact savings is hard in some cases. 2. The electrical industry seems to be stuck in the past, your company is trying to change the way some people are used to doing things when it comes to fabrication and electrical installation in general. How do you convince them to hire your services? What is your sales pitch? My sales pitch is pretty simple; the very first thing I try to do is show them my products. Most the time if I’m talking to somebody with field experience, just by seeing the products, their mind is blown with the possibilities. Then I try to get them to imagine all the possibilities of pre-fab. Being able to order large chunks of your project the same way you order wire cuts, knowing exactly how much it’s going to cost you, to what degree of quality, and being able to schedule delivery. It’s not very easy to find one product that can guarantee to positively impact the overall profitability, schedule, safety, and quality of a project, and I am looking contractors in the eyes and guaranteeing to do just that. I have a YouTube video I made to help people imagine the possibilities of pre-fabrication. 3. Many manufacturers in the electrical industry read this blog. You mention in your website that you only use UL listed parts and components. How do you go about choosing the parts and equipment you use? There are certain manufacturers that offer products that tend to work better for prefab applications. Durability and light weight are important because the product has to be shipped, and also handled by field personnel. I’m Surprised that manufactures have not developed lines of product for (Panel) pre-fabrication. (I have some if they want them.) Yes I will only use UL listed parts and components because that listing gives you the exact parameters of use when followed the likelihood of failure is much reduced. 4. Along with manufacturers, how do you go about choosing the right partner in the distribution side of things? Do you exclusively buy from only one distributor, or do you have multiple? We want to understand your purchasing strategy. We purchase from different distributors depending on the project type. Most of the equipment and materials are bought by the electrical contractor and delivered to me for assembly. But nobody can compete with Home Depot when it comes to Romex cable pricing. And My personal favorite for truly acting as a partner is Platt Electric Supply. If you look at their programs (mobile app, platt in motion) and their customer service, they are years ahead of any other electrical supply company. 5. How do you think the Electrical industry will evolve in the next 5-10 years? What do you see coming? Im so excited that the industry is finally changing. I think wide spread adoption of technology and digital workflow will be mandatory to compete in the next 5 years. Also construction projects will have to be connected, WiFi will be a requirement like temp power and lighting are now. Looking into my crystal ball... off site construction will continue to increase its market share. It has doubled in the last four years so I’m expecting it to double in the next five years and quadruple in the next 10 years. Once the industry sees and understands what is happening with off-site construction, there is no way traditional methods can compete. I use off site as a general term including modular, prefabrication, and volumetric construction. 6. If you had your top 10 distributors and manufacturers in front of you, and you could ask them anything, what would you ask them? I would like to know what measures they are taking to stay in touch with their customer base? If there is a way to incentivize the exact types of orders they prefer? Ie: If you prefer online/ mobile orders give discounts, or other preferential treatment to those order types. (My unsolicited advice) Also they need to be better at order tracking, I know when my $12 body wash I ordered on Amazon is two stops away after being notified first thing in the morning that it would arrive between 3 and 5 pm. But my $125,000 15kv okonite cable, might be here on Thursday, if not, it should be here the following Tuesday! Need to get your stuff together fast or I will be ordering my 15kv cable on Amazon before you know it. 7. What is next for where do you see the company in 5-10 years? I fully expect to be selling pre-fab assembly’s on Amazon in the next five years. I plan to scale my business from regional to national through key partnerships. I have electrical prefab specific tools and components I hope to develop. And I’m working on standardization of my complete process from ordering to delivery so that it can be easily duplicated. I have my eye on modular construction and plan to find an entry point into that market looking long term I believe that is where the industry is going.

Panel arrives tagged for specific room

Cables come bundled and pre cut and installed for easy install

Panel can be up on the wall and anchored in less than 1 minute.


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